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Vapour sea was formed in June 2016. The band comprises of the erstwhile members of Dark Project – an alternative rock band from Bangalore that played music together between 2006-2014 before disbanding mutually due to personal reasons.  


Sudipto is on the Vocals and writes his music on an acoustic Guitar. He is a software engineer during the day and writes code for post part of his job. He is originally from the state of West Bengal and loves eating fish. He is also a good cook and supports Liverpool FC in the English Premier League.

Sauvik almost does everything for the band beyond what Sudipto does. He plays the MIDI keyboard, strums the guitar, writes the words and does the mixing/mastering for the band in his make shift studio in Mahadevpura. Sauvik is fond of reading and takes special interests in Japanese Anime. He has also developed an interest in cycling and is planning to do mountain treks on it shortly. During his day time, he works for an Aeroplane manufacturing company exercising his PhD skills in Aerospace.


An english contemporary band from India